WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE: 1991 CoMu Yearly Spesh

Judging by the response to our regular Back In The Day feature, plenty of you have been enjoying the reprints of Stevie Baker´s classic underground newsletter, the Compusician´s Museletter. So far, we´ve been able to print each of the yearly specials beginning from 1982, but to keep up this feat, it looks like we´re going to need a little help. Stevie dropped us a line to explain what´s going on:

“Hi, CM readers. It´s Stevie Baker here - though some of you might remember me as ‘Stevie Startle´, if you can cast your minds back to those 80s electropop days! First of all, I´d like to thank the guys at CM for reprinting my old CoMu Yearly Specials - I really wasn´t expecting there to be that much feedback, but I´ve been pleasantly surprised, and I´ve even heard from a few of my old friends who used to subscribe to the CoMu way back when. It was an incredibly fun and exciting time to be in the midst of all those early computer music developments, though I´ll be the first to admit that there are some cringeworthy moments, glaring errors and hopelessly optimistic predictions amongst my writings! But you live and learn, right?

“But to get to the point of this message: I need your help! I´ve just been going through the ‘archives´ and I´ve discovered that I don´t actually have a copy of 1991´s Yearly Special anymore - I have all of the other Yearly Specials along with most of the regular Quarterly issues, but 1991´s Special seems to have escaped. Does anyone out there happen to have a copy that they could donate to the CM cause? The condition isn´t important, so long as it´s just about legible. A simple scan of the first page would do - no need to part with the original article.

“If you could spread this message to any relevant messageboards/forums, that´d really help - basically anywhere where you think there might be some crusty old ‘compusicians´ like myself! According to the records, there were over 1500 copies of that particular special sent out back then. CoMu fever was really hotting up, and it was the penultimate Special before I put the newsletter to rest to pursue a full-time career as a music tech consultant. Anyway, here´s hoping that someone can help. Yours synthcerely, Stevie ‘Startle´ Baker.”

If you have a copy of the Compusician´s Museletter 1991 Yearly Special - or know someone that might - please contact the CM team as soon as possible via email: lducaine@futurenet.co.uk. There is an appropriate reward up for grabs too!