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Opening DAWs

Hello. Given that I'm part of Computer Music's 'blog chorus' I thought it was high time I posted. I would have been here sooner but I've been busy working on the pun that you'll find in the previous sentence. Hope you enjoyed it.

Anyway, the big music software news at the moment is that Ableton, Steinberg and Cakewalk are all about to update their DAWs (Live, Cubase and Sonar). Inevitably, people will be asking 'which is best?', but this is an impossible question to answer. In my book, the 'best' DAW is the one that enables you to maximise your creativity and productivity. It's futile to waste time dwelling on the minutiae of the three applications' feature sets because the software that's right for one person might be totally inappropriate for someone else.

So, which DAW is best then?