FREE synth VST/AU plugin: Synapse Dune CM

Set sail for new sound design horizons with Dune CM, a very special edition of Synapse Audio's awesome hybrid synth Dune!

Dune cm

Dune cm

Here's what you get in Dune CM:

  • Two oscillators plus sub oscillator
  • Analogue and digital-style oscillator waveshapes
  • "Fat" oscillator mode
  • Pulse width modualtion
  • 8-voice Unison detune
  • Amplitude, filter and modulation envelopes
  • Three LFOs
  • Multimode resonant filter with 18 modes
  • Modulation matrix with 12 slots
  • Glide
  • 32-bit VST format for PC, 32-bit AU and VST format for Mac

How to get Dune CM:

Get the latest issue of Computer Music magazine, print or digital, and you get the CM Plugins collection, containing Dune CM and 25+ other awesome virtual instruments and effects.

For more info on CM Plugins, read our FAQ, and find out about our download system

If you like Dune CM, check out the full version of Dune at Synapse Audio's website - it has twice as many modulation slots, built-in effects, more presets and comes in 64-bit varieties.

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