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• Free Paax 3 CM sampler plug-in!

Exclusive to Computer Music, Paax 3 CM is a VSTi sampler for PC with its own built-in effects, multimode filter, and comprehensive LFO and envelope sections. Free on this month´s disc, it comes with an equally exclusive sample library, featuring sounds of all kinds, from classic hardware synths and drum kits to abstract FX and vocal multisamples, as well as a comprehensive start-up tutorial in the magazine.

• 2982 royalty-free samples

This month´s samples are presented in 24-bit WAV and Paax 3 formats and cover a wide range of sonic bases - vocals, synths, drums, FX, out-there percussion and much more. And that´s not all: we´ve also got 336 violin, viola and cello sounds in the latest CM Classics collection!


• Exclusive Live 6 review and tutorial!

Ableton Live 6 is upon us at last, and we´ve got the first review of the final release version on the block, as well as the essential CM guide to the software´s amazing new features.

• Sonar 6 reviewed

Also hitting its sixth generation this month, the latest version of Sonar introduces a wealth of powerful new functions and capabilities, including AudioSnap, Radius timestretching, the VC-64 Vintage Channel plug-in and an insane level of GUI customisability. In the second of this issue´s exclusive reviews, we put Cakewalk´s mighty DAW through its paces to bring you the definitive assessment of its new-found skills.

• Maximise the loudness of your mixes

In today´s music market, perceived and actual loudness are essential considerations for any producer, regardless of genre. Compression, limiting and the inner workings of digital audio are all given the CM tutorial treatment as we show you how to seriously pump up the volume.

• Build the ultimate pad sound

In the last in our series of Ultimate guides, Hybrid´s Mike Truman and ASAP´s Oli Horton reveal their favourite pad programming and production techniques, while we show you how to put them into action.

• Pocket music

Laptops are all well and good, but for truly portable music production, you need to be packing something much smaller. These days there´s plenty of powerful, usable music software for Windows Mobile, Palm OS and Symbian, as our guide reveals…


• CM Spotlight: Logic Pro´s Environment

• Sound Like… Justin Timberlake & Timbaland

• Mixing in Samplitude V8 SE

• 25 pop production tips

• Synth Essentials: Pitch envelopes

• Off the Dial: Musical flow


Ableton Live 6, Cakewalk Sonar 6, Novation XioSynth, M-Audio Session, Cockos Reaper, Modartt Pianoteq, Digidesign Strike and more!


• Beatfreakz interviewed

• Win NI Kore and Komplete 4!

• Nine pages of readers´ questions answered

• The Burning Question: How do I build my own MIDI controller?

• Reader music reviewed

• And all your favourite regulars!

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