Computer Music issue 215 - MODERN EQ - April 2015

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This month, we're tackling state-of-the-art EQ features and functions, with a comprehensive look at modern equalisation techniques. Far beyond the basics, we'll show you how to use up-to-the-minute digital EQ features such as dynamic EQ, spectrum matching, sidechain EQing, and mid/side separation.

Across 20 videos, we'll show you how to:

  • Mix and match different types of EQ filters, and when to use complementary plugin types
  • Locate and cut out unwanted frequencies precisely and effectively
  • Use Dynamic EQ to get both the frequency targeting of EQ and the dynamic control of a compressor
  • Understand what linear-phase EQ does differently, and when to use it
  • Clone a sound's EQ spectrum, then imprint its sonic qualities on another sound
  • Use sidechain EQ and parallel EQ to get a polished, modern sound with no compromises

…And loads more

So pick up your copy, join the Q, and get ready to become an equalisation master. Here's one of this tutorial's advanced EQ walkthroughs to whet your appetite…


JST & Boz Digital Labs SideWidener

• As you'll find out elsewhere in this month's issue, turning mono tracks into stereo ones can cause problems if not done correctly. Luckily, our exclusive plugin giveaway this month is a tool designed to help you get it right first time.

• Place SideWidener over a mono source and crank up the Width dial to upgrade it to sumptuous stereo, with 3 selectable modes, adjustable tone control, and a handy goniometer display for analysing stereo spread. The architecture inside SideWidener means that, unlike some widening techniques, your stereo track won't suffer from phase cancellation issues when played back in mono.

See SideWidener in action in the video below, and check it out full specs to find out more.


• Not satisfied with just unleashing SideWidener, we've gone further and put together ten techniques for making convincing stereo tracks out of mono sources. This wide-ranging feature will show you ten ways to broaden, shift, thicken and delay your single-point sources to give them their own panoramic soundstage. Check out one of our ten videos below to get a taste of the breadth of this tutorial.


• Whether you're running a state-of-the-art dream machine or toughing it out with yesteryear's technology, there's always a way to streamline your system's performance. We'll demystify your computer's requirements with a focus on getting the best from your music software, so you can get on with making music instead of battling with glitchy playback and CPU dropouts. We've also got three video tutorials packed with practical advice.


• Ohm Force's monstrous, morphing multiband distortion plugin has been transforming electronic music for years. But don't be scared - we'll take you under the hood and show you how to master Ohmicide so you can join the club.

• Across five videos, we'll take you from first steps to advanced features, giving you the lowdown on Ohmicide's presets and 'Melohman' patch morphing system, its different distortion types, all its per-band controls and its visualisation features.


• Over 900 samples to lend an air of the divine to your tunes. Rejoice at the concentration-focussing tones of bells and cymbals, lift up your spirits with organ and choir samples, and send listeners into a contemplative trance with multisampled throat singing. These and many other Spiritual Sounds have been specially commissioned for this exclusive pack.

Step into the studio with MY DIGITAL ENEMY in a PRODUCER MASTERCLASS video***

• The dance music veterans have invited us into their Sussex HQ to watch them break down their dancefloor stomper Bassline Soundz. See Sergei Hall and Kieron McTernan produce the track from start to finish as they explain how the decisions were made. Check out this first half of this huge video below and get the rest in Computer Music 215. (***This video available only with Apple Newsstand and Print editions)


  • Designer Sounds:Paul cooks up a rumbling Reese bass sound using Plugin Boutique's VirtualCZ synth
  • Dr Beat: Put your programmed fills together like a pro drummer, as Ronan Macdonald takes a rudimental look at the flam
  • Geek Technique:Owen Palmer's next-level techniques for splitting sounds into their constituent elements for ultimate creative and sonic control
  • Music Theory: It's not always a bad thing to stray outside the scale - Dave Clews fills you in on this music theory fundamental.


  • Beat Spacek: The electro/soul fusion merchant has just come up with a new album, and he's made it all on iPhone and iPad apps. Find out his approach to modern music making, and see what he had to say in this month's interview
  • Spectrasonics: We quiz legendary sound designer Eric Persing, the talent behind the newly released Omnisphere 2, and some of Roland's biggest sounds - including the hoover!
  • Danny Daze: We catch up with the eclectic producer to find out which bits of software are most crucial in his studio.


  • Cakewalk Sonar Platinum
  • Arturia V Collection
  • Magix Music Maker 2015 Premium
  • Sugar Bytes Looperator
  • Glitchmachines Cataract
  • New Sonic Arts Vice
  • DMG Audio Essence

PLUS 21 more reviews


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