Computer Music issue 191, June 2013 – CLASSIC KEYS


ZINIO (PC, Mac, Android,iPad)

All editions INCLUDE software, samples, video and more - see downloads FAQ.


With our huge guide to playing and programming perfect pianos, awesome organs and truly electric keys, you'll learn about:

  • How real pianos, electric pianos and tonewheel organs work
  • How to recreate certain playing styles in a MIDI sequencer
  • Programming dance piano chords
  • Programming convincing sustain pedal performance data
  • Using drawbars on a virtual Hammond B3
  • How to choose the best virtual piano, Rhodes & organ plugins

…And much more besides!

Every walkthrough guide has an accompanying video so you can see - and hear! - exactly how it's done. Check out this sample video from the article:


  • Aalto CM: This awesome synth is yours free with Computer Music magazine! Made by Madrona Labs, it's a semimodular monophonic beast of a synth, with a unique animated graphical interface, visual modulation patching, unusual oscillator with FM capabilities, and a beautiful analogue sound. It's for PC/Mac and comes in VST/AU formats. More info on the Aalto CM page.


  • Aquatic Adventures - This exclusive sample pack contains 1800 sounds, including watery pads, deep-sea atmospheres, bubbling synth sounds and more! In standard WAV format, for use in practically any music software.


  • Bar9 Producer Masterclass: Discover the production secrets of the UK bass music bad boys with this exclusive IN-STUDIO VIDEO
  • Fruity FX: Improve your mixing with this masterclass in FL Studio's excellent effects - PLUS 5 VIDEOS
  • Build a Reaktor sampler: Create an instrument in NI's modular environment - PLUS 5 REAKTOR ENSEMBLES
  • Aalto CM: Learn how to use this amazing synth, yours free with this issue! -PLUS VIDEO
  • CM Focus - XFadeLooperCM: Master the novel features of this powerful CM Plugins sampler with our power guide -PLUS 6 VIDEOS
  • Quick Guide - KR-Delay CM & Philta CM: The features and controls of these CM Plugins explained in detail
  • A to Z of Computer Music - D: Learn to talk tech, from DACs and DAWs to Dither and Dynamics
  • PLUS more tutorials


  • Subb-An: The tech-house hero takes a brief break from the jet-set to talk to CM
  • Timo Maas: The bona fide DJ A-lister reveals the music-making software he couldn't live without
  • FabFilter: Frederik Slijkerman, co-founder of the Dutch plugin kings, speaks to CM
  • Expert Sleepers: A quick chat with Andrew Ostler, the insane genius behind our own XFadeLooperCM


  • Ableton Push
  • Native Instruments Monark
  • Xfer Records Cthulhu
  • FXpansion Bloom
  • PSP Audioware PSP Pianoverb 2
  • Cakewalk CA-2A Leveling Amplifier
  • Sinevibes Torsion
  • Audio Damage Bitcom
  • ValhallaDSP VintageVerb
  • Universal Audio API 500 Series EQ
  • PLUS 15 more reviews


  • Every issue of Computer Music comes with CM Plugins, an exclusive collection of pro-quality VST/AU instruments and effects for PC and Mac. Check out our full CM Plugins list and the CM Plugins FAQ for more info.


***Producer Masterclass video is not currently downloadable. Apple Newsstand readers can watch it directly inside the app via internet streaming. Print edition includes Producer Masterclass on the DVD. Zinio does not include Producer Masterclass video.

cm191 is on sale now in the UK, Apple Newsstand and Zinio. Overseas dates for print edition are roughly: USA + 4 weeks after UK / Australia +8 weeks / Europe +2 weeks / South Africa +6 weeks / Canada +4 weeks

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