Computer Music 146 – Mobile Music

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• Toontrack EZdrummer Lite

A superb virtual drum kit plug-in for PC and Mac that puts a high-quality, fully mic'ed drum kit and session drummer at your command! EZdrummer Lite offers two kits: the general purpose Pop/Rock kit and, for those seeking something slinkier, the Cocktail kit. Not only that, but there are over 500 MIDI grooves supplied, making it a doddle to create terrific drum tracks!

• 2032 24-bit Uplifting Vibes samples

An exclusive collection of uplifting, soulful and euphoric samples. From soulful gospel organs and hand-raising piano riffs to silky pads and powerful polysynths, everything you need to make feel-good songs and anthems is right here!

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Phonat

A rising star of the electronic music scene, Phonat - aka Michele Balduzzi - welcomes the CM cameraman into his studio to film him at work. Watch the video to see him create his trademark sounds using such techniques as pumping sidechain ducking and crazy cut-up vocal work.


• Mobile Music

Tiny netbooks, multitouch smartphones and handheld games consoles make pocket-sized music production a truly viable option at last. Our massive guide reveals the hardware and software that makes it possible and dispenses advice on how to use it for composition and live performance.

• The CM Guide to Hip-Hop Vocal Production

Get your hip-hop jointz hitting harder than ever with our top-to-bottom guide to creating full, clean, stand-out vocal tracks.

• Mastering for beginners

Pump up your mixes with our step-by-step guide to the final stage of the music production process. Our walkthroughs explain how to use mastering processes such as EQ, compression, multiband compression and limiting to put that professional sheen on your mixes.

• The CM Guide to backing tracks

Create a compelling live show accompaniment and sidestep technical headaches with our no-nonsense guide.

• Gareth Jones interviewed

The producer and engineer for the legendary likes of Depeche Mode and Erasure gives his take on how computers have changed the business of music-making.

• Reviewed!

Native Instruments

Kontakt 4

• PreSonus

Studio One

• Cakewalk

Sonar 8.5

• iZotope


• Cytomic

The Glue

• Intelligent Devices


• D16 Group


• Rob Papen


• Scan

3XS P55 liteDAW

…and more


• CM Focus: Everything you need to know about breakbeats

• Sound Essentials: Scot Solida's remit broadens into general sound design

• Off The Dial: rachMiel brings out your 'beginner's mind'

• The Easy Guide: We take a first look at the harmonic series

• The Burning Question: Are all digital EQs the same?

• And much more!

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