Computer Music 145 – Vintage Sounds!

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• Intelligent Devices MegaDelayMassCM

An amazing 100-tap feedback delay plug-in for Mac and PC is yours free with CM145! As well as typical echoes, this crazy processor is capable of all manner of madness, including reverb-style washes of sound and IDM-esque 'bouncing ball' effects.

• 1954 24-bit CM Guitar samples

Our exclusive collection of guitar samples gives you all the six-string loops, chords and multis you'll ever need, all in WAV and CMplay formats!

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: King Charles

We catch up with the classically-trained indie folkster, at home and in the studio, to find out how he gets his distinctive sound. Watch our video to see how his song

Love Lust

was transformed from a rough demo into a professionally-mixed track!


• Vintage Sounds

Classic sound design and retro production techniques made easy! Emulate old-school drum machines, synths, samplers, tape machines and more with our guide to recreating vintage studio sounds in software.

• The CM Guide to FL Studio 9

We explore the major new features of Image-Line's DAW, getting to grips with sidechaining, volatile linking and the new instruments and effects.

• Into The Groove

Inject some of that elusive human feel into your tracks with our guide to applying groove, swing and shuffle.

• Focus on Hardcore

Learn how to create a bangin' hardcore dance track! Find out what goes into a hardcore beat, how to make a massive bass stab noise, how to use ear-catching vocal processing, methods of making your track flow musically, and more!

• Andy Gray interviewed

From the

Big Brother

theme tune to

The Matrix Reloaded

, you'll have heard Andy Gray's productions one way or another. CM catches up with the busiest man in music to talk music technology.

• Reviewed!



• Image-Line

FL Studio 9

• Native Instruments

Absynth 5

• Cakewalk

V-Studio 100

• 112dB

Redline Equalizer

• Intelligent Devices


• Soniqware


• Synthogy

Ivory Upright Pianos

…and more


• 'Cloud Busting: Get yourself on SoundCloud and open a whole new musical world

• Guitar Lab: We revisit some of our most pertinent tips, tricks and techniques

• Synth Essentials: Layering LFOs with synth scientist Scot Solida

• Off The Dial: rachMiel explores the place between gridded and gridless music

• The Easy Guide: We delve deeper into minor keys and scales

• The Burning Question: When should I upgrade my operating system

• And much more!

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