Computer Music 142 - DnB Masterclass with TWO HOURS of all-star, in-studio video!

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• DnB Masterclass 2009, with TWO HOURS of exclusive DnB studio footage!

As part of our massive 2009 DnB Masterclass, CM infiltrated the studios of drum 'n' bass big boys Sabre, Cyantific, Shimon, Alix Perez and Xample & Lomax to film them at work - we came back with just over

two hours

of footage, which you'll find on the CM DVD.

See just how the pros create their trademark sounds, program beats, process samples, record percussion, create edits and arrange tracks! Of course, there's a huge article in the mag to back it up, complete with easy-to-follow walkthroughs detailing the finer points of the lads' techniques.


• Submersible Music DrumCore 3 CM

Create pro-quality drum tracks on your PC or Mac with this amazing plug-in! DrumCore 3 CM features a huge 1.8GB of samples and MIDI performances with loops and fills played by top drummers Gary Thompson (Dave Stewart, Everclear) and John Tempesta (Testament, White Zombie)!

• 2025 24-bit DnB samples

This king-size library of burly bass noises, slamming drum hits and tearing leads all adds up to being the ultimate set of drum 'n' bass building blocks! Everything's provided in WAV and pre-mapped CMplay format, for your sampling convenience.

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Nathan Fake

The master of atmospheric minimal techno invites us to his Hackney studio to demonstrate his love of vintage software. Watch the video as Nathan deconstructs his track

The Turtle

from the

Hard Islands

EP, then read the article for our step-by-step explanations.


• Meta-Recording in Live

This innovative system for beat construction comes straight from the hallowed halls of the Berklee College of Music. Use meta-recording to break your music down intro the raw elements, map them to a MIDI controller and inject some serious groove into your writing process!

• The balancing act

We show you how to choose and use the right elements to give your tracks that professional solidity, power and weight.

• Charlie May interviewed

The ace producer explains the three-step approach behind his work house/techno duo Spooky and dance legend Sasha, not to mention revealing his favourite plug-ins and his perfectionist approach to sound quality

• Band ahoy!

Is piracy killing the music industry or merely the symptom of a greater malaise? We uncover the facts and look at how you could be paying for music in the future.

• Reviewed!



• Makemusic

Finale 2010

• Audio Damage


• Waves


• Waves


• FabFilter

Timeless 2

• IK Multimedia

Stealth Pedal

• Topten Software

Cantabile 2.0 Performer



• …and more


• CM Focus: How to record a slamming, piledriving heavy metal track using software

• Guitar Lab: We cover the basics of using delay plug-ins with your axe

• Synth Essentials: Scot Solida gets involved with multistage envelopes

• Off The Dial: rachMiel create an album for the 21st Century

• The Easy Guide: We round off our modal tour by visiting two major modes

• The Burning Question: Should I build my own music PC?

• And much more!

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