Computer Music 132 – Huge Dubstep Guide / Artillery2 CM on the DVD

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• Sugar Bytes Artillery2 CM Edition

Power up your tracks or live performances with this action-packed CM-exclusive plug-in for Mac and PC! Artillery2 CM Edition is an 'effects keyboard' - by playing MIDI notes, you can trigger its six effects, which each have their own controls.

• 2295 samples

To accompany our cover piece, we've cooked up 1466 dubstep samples, comprising dark beats, powerful bass and twisted sounds. 725 multisampled analogue synth samples are also on tap, and we've even got 104 bangin' samples from pro hard dance wizard BK! All are in WAV and CMplay formats, natch.

• Producer Masterclass tutorial and video: Finger Lickin' Allstars

Members of top Finger Lickin' Records acts Soul of Man and Brothers Bud met up in the studio to collaborate on a track, and - wouldn't you know it? - CM's roving cameraman was there to capture the whole lot on film. See them crafting big beats, processing in Logic, cutting up basslines and more!


• The CM Guide To Dubstep

Master the deepest, darkest genre around with our massive step-by-step tutorial. We kick off with a crash course in dubstep history and tips on sourcing the right sounds before launching into a no-holds-barred series of walkthroughs detailing the stages involved in creating a complete track: building beats, making basslines, designing lead lines, FX, and mixing and mastering for maximum bass pressure!

• The Art of Ambience

Dialling in the right reverb can dramatically improve your mixes, but get it wrong and your tracks will only be marred amateurish ambience. Our guide explains just what the controls on your reverb plug-in are actually doing to the sound before presenting tried-and-tested reverb mixing strategies, creative ideas, and numerous tips on getting the most from your reverb processors.

• D Ramirez

The multi-talented, genre-spanning producer cut his teeth on old school hardware, but today he's as much a software fiend as he is a gear nut. Subjected to the CM interview treatment, he reveals all about his setup, including the software he relies to get his award-winning and much-in-demand sound.

• Music Limited

We show you how to make a complete track in Ableton Live using just one sample! In our walkthrough guide, a single vocal snippet is chopped and processed to create all the elements needed, such as kick drums, percussion, melodies and stuttering rhythms.

• Reviewed!


Sonar 8

• Image-Line




• Yellow Tools

Independence Pro

• Rob Papen


• Peavey

ReValver Mk III


Electric Keys

• …and more


• £1137 of Yellow Tools gear to be won!

Extreme Vocals: Embellish your tracks with perfectly processed vocals

• Guitar Lab: How to mic up a real amp

• Synth Essentials: Scot Solida explains FM synthesis

• Off The Dial: The Joy of Modes Part 2: Modal Counterpoint

• The Easy Guide: Take the Cycle of Fifths for a spin

• The Burning Question: Where do we go from MP3?

• And much more!

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