Complete music video in 177KB (that's not even a floppy disk's worth)!

Welcome to the world of demos, where the synergy of music and art can be wildly more thrilling than the sum of their parts. And there are no demo productions more elegant than Debris, the latest competition-winning production from legendary Teutonic demo crew Farbrausch.
What makes this incredible audio-visual artwork even more impressive than most is the fact that the whole thing is generated on the fly - graphics, sound and music - allowing the file-size to be kept below that of the average kick-drum sample. The whole thing is packed into a 177KB executable!
Those running a PC with a half-decent graphics card can download the demo. For the rest of us, there's the YouTube video. Whichever you choose, though, do watch the whole thing with that file size firmly in mind - you won't believe your eyes...

Download Debris