CM Special: Guitar Studio

Computer Music Special 35 (Guitar Studio) is entirely focused on the art of producing great guitar tracks with your computer. The mag takes you through 50 step-by-step techniques that´ll take your tunes up a notch, or several.

Learn how to capture your best performances, improve your arrangements and fix playing mistakes with software. Discover plug-in processing tricks to hone your tones and professional mixing techniques to make your parts really shine! All this (and more) is covered, in a series of straightforward, easy-to-follow tutorials.

If your setup is lacking, worry not, as the included disc comes with all the software you need to produce quality guitar tracks with your computer.

On-sale dates: Computer Music Special 35: Guitar Studio

UK - available now! (magazine + disc £6)

Europe - from 8 April 2009

North America - from 1 May 2009

ROW - from 14 May 2009


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