Mooer set to disrupt multi-effects market as astonishingly feature-rich GE300 lands

New floor modeller now available, boasting amp modelling, IRs, polyphonic Synth Engine and Tone Capture

Chinese pedal giant Mooer has announced availability of the GE300, a floor modeller that looks set to be the company’s crowning achievement.

Touted as the company’s new flagship model, the GE300 multi-effects pedal packs 108 digital amp models, as well as 164 effects, 43 optional factory cab sims and a fully featured IR loader.

There’s also the Synth Engine, a new tri-voice polyphonic synthesis module with options for wave form, pitch, filters and arpeggiators - with no special pickup or guitar modifications required.

The Preamp Live’s Tone Capture reappears here, too, but now offers three different modes: Amp Mode, to capture real-life amps; Guitar Mode, which models EQ characteristics; and Cab Mode, for sampling speaker cabs and creating IR files.

Mooer is also promising a ton of I/O options, including 10 customisable footswitch controls, programmable stereo effects loop, 30-minute looper with storable loop sessions, external device switching, direct USB audio and much, much more, apparently.

The whole unit is based around two SHARC DSP chips and an NXP crossover processor, but promises an intuitive UI, similar to the GE200.

In the UK, you're looking at £749 for this beast, with the USA price to be confirmed. Take a look at Mooer Audio for more info, and stay tuned for more from us very soon...

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