VIDEO: Sound design in Ableton Live

Discover new ways to personalise your sound.

Once you've got a handle on the basics of music production, one of the things you can do to personalise your tracks further is to start designing your own sounds. And if you're an Ableton Live user, the tutors at Point Blank can help you out with a dedicated course on the subject.

Ableton Live 2 -Sound Design, is billed as "an insightful and bang up-to-date journey through the creative processes involved in making your own, unique sounds and textures at the cutting edge of music production". We have three preview videos from the course that deal with FM synthesis, the formant filter and making tech riffs.

The course runs for eight weeks and costs £645. Forthcoming start dates are 5 March and 30 April.

What is frequency modulation?

Psy Arp using the formant filter

Return FX rack - tech riff maker