Ask MusicRadar: who's the ultimate synth icon?

Ultimate synth icon

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The history of the synth has been written by a wide and varied cast of characters. As well as the geniuses who designed the great models of the past, we also have to consider the programmers who tamed these beasts in the studio and the stars who brought them to the stage.

What MusicRadar wants to know, however, is who you think deserves to be crowned the ultimate synth icon?

Should the honour be bestowed on Bob Moog, the man whose instrument helped to popularise the synth, or do you think a producer – Giorgio Moroder, perhaps – should take the award. Alternatively, maybe you're of the opinion that we should recognise a great performer - a synth virtuoso.

Don't think that we're excluding more contemporary synth icons, either. If you believe that a modern-day producer (or even software developer) has changed the course of synth history, let us know. We'll even allow you to nominate a band (so yes, Kraftwerk are eligible).

What to do now

Decide who you think is the ultimate synth icon, then give us the name and reasons for the nomination by one of the following methods.

Via MusicRadar (log in and leave a comment below with a link as usual)

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Once we've got all your nominations, we'll count them up and reveal who MusicRadar users have declared to be the ultimate synth icon.

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