Rodrigo Y Gabriela on building picking speed

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Rodrigo uses minimal motion to help reach top speeds
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The exercise to beat all alternate picking exercises! Although this is fairly universal, Rodrigo creates smaller movements by picking the phrase slightly unusually. Notice how the phrase begins with a down-pick to start, and then reverts to starting with an up-pick on each beat.
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Using the same principal as the first exercise, Rodrigo mirrors the same shape across the fretboard with a repeat of the first part of the phrase.

It's easy to see that Rodrigo has been schooled in the electric guitar style of bands such as Metallica when you witness his blurringly fast style.

Whereashis partner in crime Gabriela has a more traditional Spanish fingerstyle, Rodrigo picks everything, treating the acoustic more like an out and out electric.

In this video lesson, he takes you through some Al Di Meola-style alternate picking runs and explains his method for reaching his frightening speeds.

Don't just think that you can simply transfer your electric skills onto classical though, as the action and wider fingerboard may cause some adjustment.

Above all else, try to keep your pick and fret hand finger motions efficient and to a minimum, you just have to watch how Rodrigo's fingers barely move to appreciate how he reaches top speed.

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Video: Rodrigo y Gabriela on right-hand technique