Electric Guitar 101: Part 1 - Your first guitar lesson

Beginner guitar lessons from JamPlay

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Welcome to the first instalment of Electric Guitar 101 – a new series of beginner guitar lessons provided by our friends at online guitar lesson site JamPlay.com.

Lesson one is for brand new players that might be picking up a guitar for the first time, or for those of you who may have a little playing experience, but have a few holes in your knowledge when it comes to things like posture, setting up your amp and the anatomy of a guitar.

Check out the lessons below and if you like what you see, head over to JamPlay.com for more online guitar lessons.

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Parts of the guitar

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1.3 Guitar strings explained

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1.4 Guitar frets explained

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1.5 Holding your pick

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1.6 Guitar tuning methods

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1.7 Posture and your amp

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