Video: Ukrainian folksters take on AC/DC

How to play AC/DC using a water bottle…



We're big fans of Phil Rudd here at Rhythm. But even we aren't sure if the Aussie backbeat master could make his signature 'Highway To Hell' beat sound good using only a bottle of water and an accordion case. But we know a man who can…

Check out this clip of a little known (so little known that we're not sure of their name) Ukrainian folk band tackling DC's monster tune 'Highway To Hell'.

While we're at it, take a look at this version of the same track, this time from the Hungarian version of the X Factor (although there doesn't seem to be any sign of auto-tune, so maybe it's not that closely linked to the UK show).

And finally, here's Phil in all his glory in a rather flash Iron Man 2 promo clip for, yup you guessed it, 'Highway To Hell'.