UDG Producer Bag review

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This bag is aimed at the mobile musician, and UDG say that it's designed to hold a 17¨ PowerBook, M-Audio Oxygen8 keyboard, audio interface, mic, headphones, cables, and all your other bits and bobs. The first thing we noticed is that it's fairly weighty (but not excessively), and the reason is that not only does it have endless compartments, but it's constructed more like a semi-rigid soft case than a typical flimsy rucksack. A padded, removable separator keeps your laptop from jostling against other items in the bag, and there's a combination lock on the main compartment to keep it secure. All of the side pockets have fold-out edges, so your gear doesn't just flop out when you open them, and there's a headphone pass-through too, so that you can keep your iPod tucked away while still enjoying some tunes. If a ton seems a bit steep for a bag, just consider the value of the equipment that it's designed to protect. If you want your gear to stay organised and intact, yet still portable, look no further than the ProducerBag.