Samplebase World Percussion – India 1

They're all well recorded, with a good number of variations, and the patches are programmed with convincing velocity layers and the ability to dial in reverb with the modulation wheel - a nice touch.

In addition to the single-hit sounds, there are plenty of rhythmic loops that the Satellite sample player will automatically sync to the tempo of your project.

For a mere $29, World Percussion - India 1 is a bargain and highly recommended to those after convincing Indian drums.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Great value for money.


Can't fault it at the price.


An inspirational package at a very affordable price!


World Percussion - India 1 is one of two Indian Percussion SoundBlocks within I/O's "Ethnic Percussion" series. This SoundBlock contains over 40 unique loops and expressive velocity-sensitive hits that will bring the authentic flavor of India into your productions.

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