Yamaha Audiogram interfaces now shipping

Two models to choose from

Yamaha Audiogram 6

Remember the Audiogram USB audio interfaces that Yamaha launched back in March? Well, they're finally shipping.

There are two models in the range, which is headed-up by the Audiogram 6. This sports a couple of XLR combo inputs (one of which can be phantom powered), two additional stereo inputs and stereo/headphone outputs. There's also a built-in compressor that can be tweaked with a single knob.

Below this there's the more affordable Audiogram 3. This gives you just the one XLR combo input plus a stereo input and stereo/headphone outputs.

Both models come bundled with a copy of Cubase AI, which explains why Yamaha is choosing to call these 'computer recording systems' rather than simply interfaces.

Prices are as expected: $200 for the Audiogram 6 and $150 for the Audiogram 3, which are both Mac- and PC-compatible. Find out more at the Yamaha website.