Tone2 ElectraX synth unveiled

"Four synthesizers in one interface"

Tone2 ElectraX

Tone2, developers of the acclaimed Gladiator synth, has announced ElectraX, which it's billing as its new flagship instrument.

At the heart of this beast are 18 multi-synthesis oscillators, but these represent just the tip of the spec iceberg. Here's Tone2's summary of ElectraX's features:

* Four synthesizers in one interface
* High-end sound quality
* Huge sonic range
* High flexibility
* 13 different synthesis methods which can be combined
* Psychoacoustic processing
* Low CPU, multicore processor support
* Easy to use
* 4x multitimbral
* Presets by professional sound designers
* 23 exclusive analog modelled filter types
* 45 oscillator types
* 18 effect types; Master effect section with Equalizer
* More than 1000 waveforms
* 64x4 voices
* MIDI learn
* Customizable user interface with 4 skins
* Expandability
* Standalone version for PC
* Flexible preset management
* Context sensitive help

Scheduled for release in December. ElectraX, is PC- and Mac-compatible. Find out more on the Tone2 website.