The end of The Streets?

Mike Skinner promises electronic finale

Skinner now describes his last album as a "guilt-ridden indulgence".

Mike Skinner has suggested that he’ll release two more albums as The Streets before calling it a day. In a blog on his MySpace page, the singer writes that he’s completed his fourth studio set, Everything is Borrowed, and is now planning a “dark and futuristic” finale that’s been inspired by a visit to a synthesizer exhibition.

Skinner says that Everything Is Borrowed is a “peaceful coming to terms album”. This follows the “weird guilt-ridden indulgence” that was The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living, The Streets’ third LP.

Of course, the end of The Streets won’t necessarily mean the end of Mike Skinner – chances are he’ll continue to make music under some other moniker.

Everything Is Borrowed should be released later this year.

By Ben Rogerson