Record on your iPod with Podcast Studio

Holster your iPod in the Podcast Studio and you can record anywhere.

We haven't yet seen any detailed specs, but first impressions of Belkin's forthcoming Podcast Studio are very favourable. This is a handheld device that enables you to record directly to your iPod.

Reports from the 2008 CES show suggest that the Podcast Studio features a pair of stereo microphones and enables you to record in WAV format directly to your iPod's hard drive (something that will be very appealing to musicians).

As well as the built-in mics, the device is also said to sport XLR and 1/4-inch jacks so that you can plug in your gear.

The picture of the Podcast Studio reveals that it will be compatible with the iPod Classic, but whether it will work with other iPod models remains to be seen.

The Podcast Studio is projected to launch in June for $100. Expect full details to be posted on the Belkin website soon.