Musikmesse 2012: Propellerhead announces Figure for iOS, Rack Extension for Reason

Video of a new $1 app, and third-party devices in Reason

Propellerhead Figure
Propellerhead FIgure: coming to iOS very soon.

MUSIKMESSE 2012: Propellerhead Software has made two big announcements at its pre-Musikmesse press conference.

Firstly, it's launching a $1 Reason-inspired iOS app known as Figure, while Rack Extension is a new format for Reason that enables third-party developers to bring their own devices into the software.

Hands-on with Figure

FutTv : 0moq5jzaJ8p0V

Propellerhead's Leo Nathorst-Boos explains the whole Rack Extension concept

FutTv : K3AsFqGIjc0vN