GarageBand '09 teaches you to play

Guitar amps and stompboxes also included

GarageBand 09

Apple today announced details of its iLife '09 software suite, and one of the apps included is a new version of GarageBand, the company's entry-level DAW.

This launch was widely predicted and, as expected, GarageBand '09 offers the capability to download and playback Artist Lessons. These feature pro musicians giving step-by-step instructions on how to play their songs – the likes of Sting, Fall Out Boy, Norah Jones and Ben Folds have already signed up.

The Artist Lessons cost $4.99 each, but Basic Lessons – video tutorials that teach you the piano and guitar – are included with the software as standard. These feature synchronised notation and animated onscreen instruments.

GarageBand '09 also offers something for guitarists who want to generate their tone in software – specifically, five new amps and a selection of stompboxes. Over 30 complete rigs are included for you to play through out of the box.

Finally, the software's Magic GarageBand feature has been expanded – it looks to be a bit more flexible and offers an Arrangement Track.

We'll bring you more on GarageBand '09 when we've had a chance to try it – iLife '09 costs $79/£69 and will be available this month.