Free Faraday Limiter plugin released for Mac

Promises a colourful, harmonically-rich sound

Software developer Goodhertz has released the Faraday Limiter as a Mac Audio Units plugin, which it says can deliver "colourful dynamics with warm, tape-like saturations".

Rather than creating a sonically-neutral, transparent brickwall limiter, the company says that it wanted to release something different: "something dynamic, colourful, and inspiring; something you could use for more than just pure loudness".

The plugin is named after Michael Faraday, the inventor of the electrical transformer. Goodhertz claims that its the analogue-modelled input/output transformers that give Faraday its "beefy, harmonically-rich sound".

Promising punch and warmth and said to be suitable for use on both individual tracks and busses, Faraday can be downloaded for free as a 64-bit AU plugin from the Goodhertz website, with availability in more formats set to follow.

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