Create your own electronic instrument with the Kano 'smart' Speaker Kit

You can build and program it yourself

Kano has made a name for itself as a creator of kid-friendly DIY computer kits, and one of its latest launches could have creative potential for music technologists.

The Speaker Kit is actually a "smart Bluetooth speaker and synthesizer". You build this yourself, and then program it using the Kano software.

Following step by step instructions, you can create a drumpad, a theremin-style synth (if you add the gesture sensor) or a voice changer. These are just ideas, of course: you can use your imagination and turn the Speaker Kit into whatever you like.

The product is currently being pitched on Kickstarter alongside the Pixel and Camera Kits, with a pledge of $99 or more securing you a Speaker Kit in July 2017 if it goes into production.

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