Will Framus & Warwick's Rock 'n Ruler improve your guitar's setup?

It rocks, it rules, it handles metric and imperial

We've been somewhat stationary in our stationery coverage lately, but we're willing to bend the rules (cough) for Framus & Warwick's excellently named Rock 'n Ruler.

Aimed at all areas of guitar setup where measurements come in handy, the stainless steel-bodied R'NR features gauges for adjusting string height, neck curvature and string intervals, and packs measurements in metric and imperial units - so, whether you're a fan of millimetres or inches, you're in luck.

What's more, when you flip it over, suggested actions for electric, acoustic and bass guitars are supplied as a handy reference.

Now we have the measure of it (ouch), the Rock 'n Ruler looks to be a useful piece of kit indeed for any toolbox/pencil case. It's available now at an appropriately precise £7.87.