U2 break down No Line On The Horizon formats

U2 spark a format war with just one album

We know how it is - you want to buy U2's No Line On The Horizon, but you're confused as to which version you should choose. And since we're all pinching our pennies these days, you want to make sure you get the ultimate bang for your buck.

Luckily, in the video you can see below, the various configurations are broken down for you.

As previously reported on MusicRadar, there's the:

1. Standard jewel case, with the CD and a 24-page booklet.
2. LP vinyl - a limited edition with two black vinyl discs, gatefold sleeve and a 16-page booklet.
3. Digipack format - limited edition with album CD, 36-page color booklet and fold-out poster. Features access to exclusive downloadable Anton Corbijin film, Linear.
4. Magazine format - limited edition with album CD, with 60-page magazine. Features access to exclusive downloadable Anton Corbijn film, Linear.
5. Box format - the mack daddy, a limited-edition bespoke box containing digipak format album CD, DVD of Anton Corbijn's exclusive film Linear, 64-page hardback book, plus a fold-out poster.

Personally, we might spring for all of them, but we're just nutty that way. Check out the video and see which configuration you want.


Joe Bosso is a musician and journalist from New Jersey, USA. He is ex-Editor-in-Chief of Guitar World magazine and ex-Vice President of A&R at Island Records