The £100 guitar challenge '09 is on

MusicRadar's forumites get building

guitar challenge

Once again, frequenters of MusicRadar's forum are pitting their wits and guitar-building skills for the £100 Guitar Challenge.

The rules are simple: build, customise or modify an existing guitar using only £100 or less for materials. Entrants can use existing parts which they must submit an approximate (and honest) value for.

The competition kicked-off on 1 February and runs until 3 March 2009. You can keep an eye on our forumites' work-in-progresses on this thread.

In the meantime, here's a success story from last year's challenge: TTony's home-made Telecaster copy. He modestly calls himself a "(very) amateur guitar builder," but it's surely a fine example of credit crunch-defying music-making…