Studio Devil announces Amp Modeler Pro

Studio Devil is taking things up a notch with Amp Modeler Pro.

Studio Devil's Virtual Guitar Amp and Virtual Bass Amp plug-ins have won plenty of fans, and now the company is set to implement its tube-modelling tone engine into a another product: Amp Modeler Pro.

This takes said engine and teams it with what's described as "a super-efficient cabinet convolution modeller" and effects. This should please those who liked the sound of Virtual Guitar Amp, but felt that it lacked a bit of flexibility in comparison to its rivals.

Amp Modeler Pro doesn't have a release date yet, but Studio Devil has confirmed that it'll be cross-platform.

Before the company gets down to finalising that software, though, it'll release Virtual Guitar Amp v1.4 and Virtual Bass Amp v1.1 in August. Both of these updates will offer improved knob behaviour and CPU efficiency, plus various other changes.