Nuno Bettencourt gets signature Randall amps

NB100 and NB412 will debut in January 2009

Nuno Bettencourt
Nuno Bettencourt debuts his signature amp range in January 2009

Randall will launch Nuno Bettencourt signature amps and cabs in January 2009. The models will debut at the NAMM trade show, but Bettencourt has already been talking about the new lines, which promise a novel look.

"There is a reason that I have never endorsed any amplifier company exclusively," he writes. "Because I have always had to jump back and forth from amp to amp. One for rhythm... Another for solos. A different amp on every recording and tour... constantly searching... unsatisfied. Always good... but not great. Never finding that perfect tone. There was always something missing. Basically, I gave in and truly believed that Marshall would be the staple to fall back on... The Constant.

"I've worked on this amp for over three years. We've delayed release of the amp until it was perfect." Nuno Bettencourt

"Until now. The words... "I've got an amp that I will put my name on and have put it up against any other amplifier and blew them away". I thought those words would not come out of my mouth. But they have. And it's true.

"I've worked on this amp for over three years. We've delayed release of the amp until it was perfect. Mission accomplished. It's not fancy. It just sounds killer. It's a workhorse. One clean channel. One dirty channel. And a boost solo channel... with its own volume and drive controls, because when it's time to let loose... you should be heard loud and clear.

"As a bonus, it looks like no other amp and cabinet before it... the look takes the past into the future."

Sounds fun. MusicRadar will get you pictures as soon as we can.