Mesa/Boogie unveils monster 600W bass amp

New Fathom amp features remotely switchable EQ curves

Image 1 of 4 Mesa Boogie Fathom bass amp
Mesa/Boogie's new Fathom amp is powered by 8 MOSFET transistors
Image 2 of 4 Mesa Boogie Fathom bass amp
The Fathom's front panel
Image 3 of 4 Mesa Boogie Fathom bass amp
The Fathom's rear panel
Image 4 of 4 Mesa Boogie Fathom bass amp
The combo version is a 2x12

Mesa/Boogie has announced a massive new bass amp in the form of the Fathom.

The Mesa/Boogie Fathom Bass Amp packs 600W of MOSFET power, with an all tube preamp circuit (supplied by a 12AX7).

Mesa/Boogie says the amp is "a juggernaut of tone that won't be stopped." It features a VOICE stage: a four-way (plus bypass) switchable EQ curve that functions as the basis the standard EQ controls. The VOICE curve can be engaged and changed by a footswitch using the four jack sockets on the back. There's also a bass control pot with a 'pull-deep' function. Pulling out the control changes the tone from tight and punchy to deep and subby. The control also boosts the extreme top and harmonics.

The amp has all the functionality we've come to expect from Mesa/Boogie, with a DI out (with adjustable level), tuner out, mute footswitch jack, effects loop, and a ground lift. The amp is available in three flavours: a standard head with twin Speakon outputs, a 2U rack mount version, and a 2x12 combo with PH Neo speakers.

Availability and price have not yet been announced, but more information is available on Mesa/Boogie's website.