Led Zeppelin join Foo Fighters on stage

Bands play two Led Zep tracks together

Led Zeppelin join Foo Fighters on stage
This isn't the first time Taylor Hawkins has taken centre stage...

Two members of Led Zeppelin – guitarist Jimmy Page and bassist John Paul Jones – joined Foo Fighters on stage during the second of a two night stint at Wembley Stadium. They played Led Zep’s Rock ‘n’ Roll and Ramble On to 86,000 rapturous fans.

Frontman Dave Grohl introduced the pair as he came out for the encore: “We knew from the beginning that this wasn't going to be just any other show – we’ve been planning this shit for six months. So we would like to welcome Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones onstage."

Grohl reclaimed the drum throne while usual Foo’s drummer Taylor Hawkins sang vocals on Rock ‘n’ Roll. They switched back for Ramble On before ending the night with Best Of You. You can watch a video of the collaboration here.

By Tom Porter