Guitar shop disguises itself as an amplifier

Is that a Fender Champ or shop front?

Guitar Store Amp

This is, without a doubt, the greatest shop front we've ever seen. It's called the Guitar Store and it sits opposite the Central railway station in Southampton, England.

By day, it's a guitar shop: "the home of tone since 1987." By night, when the shutters come down, it becomes a very large guitar amplifier in the style of a Fender Champ. A Fender logo adorns the shutters and (of course) every control goes up to 11. A fitting welcome back for Spinal Tap, then.

It's already a well-known spectacle among guitarists, but courtesy of hey mr glen's submission to Flickr, it's become a bit of an internet phenomenon.

A Fender Champ...

The Guitar Store, Southampton...

Remember, standard rules apply: no Stairway…

(Via: BoingBoing)