Graham Coxon suffers for his art

Graham Coxon has his art on his sleeve

Graham Coxon is a bit annoyed by some Blur fans' reaction to his sleeve for forthcoming solo album, The Spinning Top.

On the forum, one fan, Catlinbee, posted: "I adore the image, but I'm not sure about the font. I mean, it looks alright and all that, but I get the feeling it was knocked up in MS Paint or something."

Posting as Tweedo, Coxon replies:

"God. Reading this board can really knock ones confidence! Now I am insure about everything and it's a shitty feeling.

"Now I am insure [sic] about everything and it's a shitty feeling" Graham Coxon

"I think the font is fine. Hand drawn ones looked crap to be honest and didn't suit the Image or support visual reference points...the real treats are inside. And no it wasn't knocked up!! The paintings took me around a year to do."

Worth a year of Coxon's time? Here's the cover.

Coxon studied Fine Arts at Goldsmiths College, London, for two years. He has created all of the artwork for his seven solo albums, as well designing the sleeve for Blur's 1999 album, 13.

The Spinning Top is released on 11 May, while Blur play live this summer.