Dave Grohl writes letter to Cornwall Council, protests noise restrictions on local band

Foo Fighters frontman fights the good fight

Dave Grohl writes letter to Cornwall Council protests noise restrictions on local band
(Image: © Joby Sessions/Future)

Living legend Dave Grohl once again reinforced his position as the nicest man in rock yesterday as he came to the aid of a group of noise-restricted Cornwall musicians.

After complaints to the their local council, teenage four-piece Black Leaves Of Envy were forced to keep noise levels at their garage rehearsals down to between 30 and 40 decibels – which, as Grohl notes, is "approximately the level of a dishwasher at 15 metres distance".

The band reached out to Grohl - who once said bands should get into their garages and start practising if they want to be the new Nirvana - and incredibly, the Foo Fighters frontman responded, writing a well-considered letter to Cornwall Council, detailing the benefits of dropping the restriction and encouraging the arts. You can read the full letter below.

Clearly on a roll, Grohl also penned a surprisingly detailed blog on effective soundproofing and sound treatment, which you can read on Foo Fighters' website.

The Foos may not be breaking up, but who knows: perhaps Dave would be well-suited to a sideline in UK local government policy.