Behold the Antichrist!

Witchcraft, medieval torture and the conception of the Antichrist. Possibly not suitable for your wedding band gigs.

Some guitars just scream 'heavy metal', and this does more than most. New from Dylan Humphries, a luthier based in Bristol, UK, Daemoness guitars represent their creator's aim to produce the world's finest heavy metal guitars.

The Antichrist, or The Conception Of The Antichrist, to use its full name, is just one example of Humphries's luthiery. He explains its background:

"I built the Antichrist because I wanted to create a guitar that (more than any other) defined metal. The hand-painted images are from 15th and 16th century woodcuts, depicting witchcraft, medieval torture and the conception of the Antichrist.

"I wanted to make the guitar simple in specification, empathising brutality. Thus a mahogany body with maple caps, combined with a single EMG pickup and string through construction, ensuring massive tone and sustain."

Check out this video clip for more detail:

The Antichrist is reviewed in the March issue of Total Guitar magazine, on sale now. Visit the new Daemoness Custom Guitars website for more.