Taye Drums unveils StudioBirch

Galaxy Ice finish

Taye Drums has introduced a brand-new line: StudioBirch. Good job, too. We were just beginning to get withdrawal symptoms after NAMM 2009's endless supply of new gear.

The StudioBirch range comes in three finishes - Natural to Black Burst (NBB), Galaxy Ice (GI) and Autumn Red (AR) - with seven plies of Birch on each drum.

The release also marks a bunch of new standard bass drum sizes for Taye. Two extra 24" kick sizes (18" and 16" depths) and three different 22" kick sizes (20", 18" and 16") were previously only available on special order.

Taye studiobirch

Taye studiobirch

Check out Taye Drums' official site for more.