Tama unveils hand-engraved Metalwork snare drums

The carry case is included

Percussion giant Tama has unveiled a limited run of hand-engraved Metalwork snare drums. Available in two sizes, 6.5"x13" and 5.5"x14", and limited to just 70 and 50 pieces respectively, the below $500 price tag is an unexpected surprise. Tama, you see, has decided that: "even the financially poorer pounders deserve something a little beyond the basics". How thoughtful…

Both drums feature a 1.2mm steel shell finished in Brushed Black Nickel plate, Evans Power Center Reverse Dot heads and 1.6mm triple flanged hoops. They also come with their own matching carry case.

Tama's Terry Bissette had this to say: "More than ever, people want to have something unique, and we feel unique products shouldn't be limited only to the high-end".

Unfortunately, the new Metalworks will only be available in the US, costing $434.99 for the 6.5"x13" (ST1365EBNP) and $484.99 for the 5.5" x 14" (ST1455EPNP).