Rayzoon releases BonzoPak for Jamstix 2

All in all, BonzoPak includes 10 new Jamstix styles

Rayzoon Technologies has announced BonzoPak - an expansion Pak for Jamstix 2. BonzoPak includes recordings from a Ludwig Maple Kit based on the drumming style of Led Zeppelin´s John Bonham, aka Bonzo.

What Rayzoon really mean by “the style of John Bonham” is that everything is big. A 26” kick, 18” tom, 15” hi-hats, 24” ride and a Supraphonic snare with extra-wide strands have all been captured in a massive 17´ (feet) high studio.

Here´s the rest of the spec...

- 990MB of Ludwig Maple drums and Paiste 2002 cymbals
- single output and multi-output kits with ready-to-go Jamstix EQ and compression settings
- compatible with any Jamstix 2 style, e-drumkits or traditionally via MIDI by the host
- includes stick and mallet-played kits

All in all, BonzoPak includes 10 new Jamstix styles, yours for an introductory price of $39 (RRP $49).