Addictive Drums goes Retro

You can now add three vintage Ludwig kits to your Addictive Drums arsenal.

When XLN Audio released its Addictive Drums plug-in, it pledged to support the software with expansion packs. Well, the first of these has now been released: the Retro 'ADpack' contains samples of three Ludwig drum kits from the 60s and 70s plus samples from Paiste and Sabian.

With Retro installed, you can mix and match kit pieces from the expansion pack and the original Addictive Drums library. As its name suggests, the pack is great for vintage sounds, but modern presets and the off-the-wall RetroMental soundbank should ensure that it's not simply a one-trick pony.

Featuring a total of 70 presets and more than 1300 MIDI files, the Retro ADpack costs $149.95/£99.99. Spec details and audio demos are available on the XLN Audio website.