Cool and classic basses: Vigier Excess Bass

Legendary basses profiled from Fender, Gibson, Warwick and more

Although by no means the first bass guitar from designer Patrice Vigier, the Excess was the first to offer a more conventional stance, and as such was a breakthrough for the company.

The idea of a carbon fibre reinforced neck without a truss rod may sound ambitious but it actually works beautifully. Endorsee Roger Glover famously supported the bass on two blocks then stood on the bass without any ill effect to the bass whatsoever!

The offset, fully adjustable bridge is a particularly well designed unit that fully accepts the string ends. The active electronics are pretty serious too, as the EQ controls offer a cut/boost of +/-20dB so the bass certainly lives up to its name, and the on-board circuitry also allows the choice of high or low impedance and a trim pot for hum-cancelling. This effectively allows the use of extra long leads on stage without any power loss and higher quality DI in the studio.

Full Vigier Excess Bass profile

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