Computer Music Special: Beginner's Guide

Feel slightly out of your depth when it comes to following the tutorials in CM? Perhaps you’re a newcomer to computer-based music production, or simply need to go back to basics to get a firm foundation to build upon? Get our brand-new Beginner's Guide and get up to speed...

From the ground up
Learn how to record, edit and mix electronic and guitar-based music, DJ with your MP3 collection, produce a remix, record a rock band and more. Our easy step-by-step tutorials will enable you to quickly get to grips with some of the best music software out there, including Reason, ACID, Ableton Live, Traktor, Sonar and Garageband, and there’s a complete music production project using the CM Studio. All the software you need is on the cover CD.

The kit you need
If you’re looking to improve your setup or build one from scratch, check out the massive ‘CM Recommends’ section, where we’ll take you through all the essential components of a computer-based music studio, and recommend the best hardware and software to fit every budget.

Computer Music Special vol.23: Beginner's Guide is available from:
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