AudioRealism ADM CM drum plug-in free with Computer Music 178!

Computer Music issue 178 comes free with AudioRealism ADM CM, a special version of AudioRealism's ADM drum machine plug-in


If you like beats, you'll love ADM CM, a special version of AudioRealism's virtual drum machine for PC and Mac, in 32-bit VST/AU formats. It includes an easy to use step sequencer, Roland TR-606 sound emulation, and a library of 250 exclusive CM samples! Check out this video to see it in action:

YouTube :

Here's the feature list:

• Authentic emulation of the classic Roland TR-606 drum machine
• Exclusive built-in bank of 250 CM drum samples
• Roland-style step sequencer (including patterns in various styles)
• Global accent per step, four prescales per pattern
• Flam per step and shuffle per pattern
• 12dB/octave filter with a pattern-programmable envelope
• "Mangler" effect, also programmable via sequencer
• Two MIDI Modes (Pattern and Note)
• Full MIDI CC with learning function
• Import Rebirth patterns and 909 Sysex
• Multi-output (11 individual unprocessed outputs)
• Load your own WAV and AIFF samples into the drum parts
• Master output modes: Clean, Old, Older and Louder
• Optional master output limiter with Soft and Hard modes
• And much more!

It's the perfect software for budding beatmakers and experienced producers alike. You'll find further info and ordering details here.

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