Collabor8-Music: choosing remix parts

DJ EXPO 2014: Working in Logic X, James Hockley of Collabor8-Music reveals how he chooses which parts to use from the original track he will be remixing. Going through the audio of the original song, Hockley picks out any interesting parts and also those that could add to a great remix.

A 21st century record label for DJs

Collabor8-Music is the record label of the future with its roots firmly in the old school way of thinking. Through their website the Collabor8-Music team are able to discover new talent with fresh material, no matter what style. If the music is good, they'll release a record!

The first steps

Collabor8-Music recognise and embrace new artists by inviting anyone to remix (in their own style) the tracks Collabor8-Music release. The remix can then be uploaded back to their site for consideration for the final release of the single, in the same way that any record label will consider different remixes for a final release.

Any mixers who make the final cut will be invited to become a Collabor8-Music artist. From there, they can create their own track with remix stems for release through the exact same channels.

How does it work?

For a small amount of money, you can buy stems for the track so that potential artists can create their version - be it house, dubstep, hip-hop, rock, pop, country... or any form of music, really. The point is that anyone can buy the stems, create their own version, and become a Collbor8-Music artist.

For more information on taking part, head over to the official Collabor8-Music site, and connect with them via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.