Vote for the best solos of all time!

Matt tuck

Matt tuck

While you count down the days until the results of TG's 2008 Reader Awards are announced in issue 183 (on sale 3 December), here's your opportunity to get your voice heard yet again by voting for your favourite guitar solos EVER!

Whether it's Eddie Van Halen's two-hand tapped madness on 'Eruption', Lynyrd Skynrd's epic 'Freebird', or Dimebag Darrell's insane whammy bar AND pedal filled 'Suicide Note Pt.II' solo that gets your guitar-induced adrenalin pumping, it's up to YOU to choose the greatest 50 solos.

Remember, TG's Top 50 will be put together by YOU, and you could even see yourself and your fave solo in the mag!

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Photo: Joby Sessions