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Video: The Top 5 Over-Indulgent Guitar Solos

We put out the call on




and you

responded in droves. Clearly the guitar-playing we all love to hate, is the

stuff we all secretly love.

These are the kind of solos that are so long you can make

the tea during the main refrain. They are the dodos of the guitar world,

ludicrous creatures that belong in another era. They don´t know how to walk the

earth in these modern times, but that doesn´t stop them trying (yes DragonForce,

we´re looking at you).

Today though, we deny our secret passions no longer. Today,

we celebrate the finest in fretboard masturbation, friction-burnt fingers and

yawn-inducing self-indulgence. It therefore gives us great pleasure to present

to you our Top 5 Over-Indulgent Guitar Solos.