Video: Def Leppard's Phil Collen plays his fave riffs!

It's not every day you get a private audience with a rock legend, but we did just that at Download 2009 when the mighty Phil Collen of festival headliners Def Leppard popped into our booth, plugged in and tore through three of his favourite riffs!

In the clip above, the guitar juggernaut shows us how to play Def Leppard chart toppers 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' and 'Rocket', and his side-project band Man Raze's 'Turn It Up'.

Part two of our interview sees Phil reveal how he stays in shape on the road. "20 years ago it was a different story!", he laughs, while giving us some top tips on how to stay ripped while riffing on tour.

Thanks to for filming and to Blackstar Amps for the loan of an awesome Series One 45 combo amp.

Video def leppard's phil collen riffs

Video def leppard's phil collen riffs

Image: © Scott Weiner/Retna Ltd./Corbis